Get a career you love at a salary you deserve

Are you stuck with an outdated resume holding you back? Are you applying for jobs and getting screened out by the ATS, ignored, or rejected? Yes, you can turn it around and get on the path to success!
Do you want just any resume writer? Or a career partner? There is no army of junior talent here. You get ME. With over 25 years of experience, you get seasoned expertise. Unlike newcomers, I know the business world like nobody else.
Armed with an MBA in Finance and advanced degrees in HR, you will get this expertise to revamp your resume and propel your career.

What I Do
I don’t just write your resume; we craft your personal success story together.  Once we hand-craft your professional resume highlighting your career accomplishments, we’ll build your LinkedIn profile from the ground up.  You’ll stand out. You’ll be noticeable to hiring managers and recruiters.  You will feel confident connecting to the movers and shares in your industry.

Your journey doesn’t end with a resume. You will get guidance in effective job hunting, working around ATS systems, network effectively, and ace interviews.
Well-written, attention-getting cover letters and introductions open doors to elite opportunities.
When it’s time to negotiate an offer, I will ensure you get what you deserve.

What Sets Me Apart

Personalized service: I tailor every aspect of your resume and career strategy to your unique needs.

Hands-on approach: Your success is my mission, and I don’t stop until you say it’s done.I offer more than resume writing; I provide comprehensive career support.

Get a career you love at a salary you deserve. You’ve got this!

A Career Coach With a Different Approach

As a servant leader, I challenge individuals to push beyond their limits, encouraging transformative journeys toward personal and professional growth and achieving unprecedented happiness and income. My contribution to making the world a better place is elevating job seekers of the stress and anxiety of the job search.

I offer experience and empathy to the job seeker. I have over 30 years of executive VP-level expertise in diverse industries and have hired hundreds of people. I specialize in offering personalized 1:1 attention to my clients.

My services encompass three key areas:

Working with Dee was worth every….single….penny

My first time ever considering hiring someone to write my resume and I can say that working with Dee was worth every….single….penny. We spoke on the phone, via text/email, and when I spoke with her I knew immediately that I was in good hands. I had no idea how to translate my past experience into the “key words” needed in the corporate world today. I can say that what I have now from Dee, is a document I can’t wait to send to everyone to get the money I now know I’m worth! This wasn’t just a resume that I received, it was also like working with a career coach who helped me with the boost of confidence I needed. Hands down she’s is awesome!

Gina D.

It has everything I need to see and in ALL the right places

Dee is fantastic! The first thing the interviewer said during my third interview with the company was…”wow I really like the format of your resume! It has everything I need to see and in ALL the right places.” That was all the confirmation i needed to know I’d made an excellent choice. Dee is prompt, timely in her preparation, excellent at creating your story and offers great advice. She provides a value that warrants the price! So happy I chose her. She was THE first to respond. That says it all. Thank you Dee!

Tanisha C.

Someone who truly cares about you

Dee was great to work with. I reached out to a handful of people/companies who offered resume services, Dee was the only one to call me personally and discuss specifics of where I’m at in my job search, what my goals are, etc. She is a one woman show and she takes the time to make sure you’re happy with every word on your resume and LinkedIn profile. She offers advice based on her 30+ years of experience. She’s gone above and beyond just updating my resume and LinkedIn profile.

Tim N.

It is truly a work of art

I want to start off by saying, Dee is an excellent communicator and pays attention to the fine details, she has gone above and beyond and has even checked on my wellbeing after we have completed my IT focused Resume, it is truly a work of art and tells a story of my IT career from start to finish, she works with you and is for you!...

Daniel A.

The turn around time was within 24 hrs

I had such a awesome experience with Ms. Fit Chicago....The turn around time was within 24 hrs..Ms. Chicago took the time to listen at my concerns and my work experience and perfected my resume....I'm very impressed with her Professionalism and expertise. I absolutely love my resume....

Mary C

You gave me back something I haven’t had in a very long time

Honestly, I didn’t know resume writers were a thing till the first day I spoke to you!! Obviously not knowing what to expect I had reached out to a few people but your amazing personality and kindness and the way we clicked made my decision sooo easy!! You are amazingly talented, kind, patient, thoughtful and every other positive word u can think of!  I’m so grateful to you!! You gave me back something I haven’t had in a very long time…hope!!  I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that!


Why did I wait this long to get help?!?

For my entire career I’ve written my own resume. So I was blown away with how You’re Hired framed and recast it in a whole new light. The extra attention my reimagined resume has produced has been a total game changer. Why did I wait this long to get help?!?